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Asset valuation is a kind of financial management work for enterprises to obtain more accurate asset valuation results through the use of asset appraisal methods suitable for the development of the enterprise in order to understand the asset situation.
Our professional team to follow statutory or fair assessment criteria and procedures, use of scientific methods, commissioned a certain point in time in the real estate, personal property, intangible assets, the enterprise value, the loss of assets or other economic rights and interests, to carry out assessment, estimate, and issue an assessment report.
We provide accurate and credible evaluation services based on the comprehensive and in-depth evaluation work based on the understanding of public recognized technologies and apply these technologies to the evaluated projects.

Our services are not limited to:


Valuation Modeling Services
Our dedicated team of professionals composed of chartered surveyors and accredited business appraisers, who are experienced in providing valuation advices to wide range of clients on all types of assets including tangibles and intangibles. Our valuation services include, but not limited to:


Financial Modeling
In business decision making process, timely analysis and in-depth information are crucial for our clients to gain insight to the financial and operation situation of a company. In this regard, we assist our clients to prepare, build up and review financial models. We also offer assistance and our expertise in making projections and the write-up of business plans. Our modeling aids our clients during:


Business Consulting and Market Study
We employ a tailored yet rigorous research methodology for our clients, to provide fact-based and intelligent consulting that covers a wide range of business sectors, including but not limited to:


Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory
We provide advisory services from an environmental and a social perspective including:

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