Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations are through the planning and design of transaction tools, transaction structures, transaction processes, etc., as well as the valuation and pricing of transaction targets, to provide both parties to the transaction with mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, equity transfers and other capital operation services to promote industrial integration and corporate development . At the same time, using its own expertise for enterprises to provide financial, policy advice and other consultancy services.
Enterprise adopt a merger and reorganization strategy, the bargaining power increase due to larger projects, increase purchasing power with suppliers, contractors and distributors, to achieve the integration of the supply or distribution of certain markets to obtain existing product lines or similar network and reduce risk through diversification of a product .

In the current global challenging environment, the only way to achieve rapid growth is to acquire or merge existing businesses. The common point of all acquisition strategies is to enhance the company’s competitive advantage and industrial organization efficiency. Therefoire, successful mergers and acquisitions require careful planning.

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