Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting

It is with growing evidence that ESG is emerging as one of the key factors in investment analysis and decision making of corporations, and as a matter of fact, an increasing number of global leading companies and brands have increased their focus on ESG matters in recent years. Embracing ESG or sustainability factors in business development becomes a means to identify companies with superior business models.
Preparing a professional ESG report involves specialized knowledge, experience and judgment. Engaging an ESG advisor is able to bring values to the organizations in evaluation of their ESG achievements, preparation of ESG reports for disclosure and setting up of improvement plans.

Our team has solid experience in offering our clients with tailored and practical solutions regarding business, consulting and valuation needs. We are here to provide value-added services including setting Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) for ESG initiatives, stakeholders engagement effectiveness review, energy and resources saving and waste reduction advisory, drafting of annual and/or interim ESG report in accordance with international or local requirements and standards.

As ESG reporting involves professional knowledge as well as judgment during the assessment process, ESG advisor’s role has become more and more important. We provide advisory services from an environmental and social perspective :

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